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The P3X grills each feature the legendary Bowtie Burner for exceptional heat distribution at any temperature setting.   Both grills are available with CharMaster™ Briquets or Flare Buster Ceramic Flavor Enhancers.  Choose the size and features to suit your cooking style. 


Includes: Flare Buster Flavor Enhancers (P3XF and P3XFN) or CharMaster Briquets (P3X and P3XN)


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Customize your Broilmaster grill to suit your taste!

Once you select your grill head, choose a mounting style, shelves and/or a side burner.


Grill Carts, Stands, & Shelves

Built-In Kits

  • 695 Sq. In. of Total Cooking Area
  • Tall Lid for Smoking Turkey or Roast
  • Heavy-Duty Cast Aluminum Construction
  • 40,000 Btu Input
  • Stainless Steel Bowtie Burner
  • 2-Piece Stainless Steel Rod Cooking Grids (3-Levels)
  • Stainless Steel Control Panel
  • Stainless Steel Folding Retract-A-Rack
  • Flare Buster Ceramic Flavor Enhancers (P3XF and P3XFN) or Charmaster Briquets (P3X and P3XN)
  • Fits all Broilmaster Mountings