Smokeware Ultra-Bright Grill Light

$ 29.95

The Ultra Bright LED Grill light makes grilling at night easy. No more cell phone lights needed to check your grill. The Ultra-Bright Grill Light has 24 LED’s and a heat-resistant poly carbonate lens. It provides excellent illumination for the entire grill surface. The magnetic Light canister can be easily removed from the mounting bracket and stored indoors. The mounting...

Smokeware Temperature Gauge

$ 29.95

The LARGE FACE (3”) temp gauge is precise & easy to read.   Fits: All sizes of BGE   Benefits & Advantages: Waterproof Large 3" glass face Easy to read State-of-the-art precision and calibration Fits all Big Green Egg ® model grills

Smokeware Stainless Egg Vent Cap

$ 42.95

The Chimney Cap for BGE is 304 Grade Stainless Steel that replaces daisy wheel & porcelain cap.  Includes a New Tapered vent design for better low temperature control.   Benefits & Advantages: Fits BGE sizes Medium, Large & XL New laser etched Smokeware Logo Fits securely. Will not fall off or break Maintains vent settings when grill is opened and...

Smokeware Plate Setter Lifter

$ 33.95

Safely lift a hot plate setter with ease during cooking. The Lifter is made of powder coated heavy gauge steel.   Fits: BGE (Med/Large/XL Plate Setter).   Benefits & Advantages: Lift hot plate setter easily & securely Allows easy access to cooking grate Strong and durable

Smokeware Grill Grate Raiser

$ 29.95

Raise your grill grate! Fill your firebox full with charcoal and cook all night. The lift allows for slower cooks and easier smoking. Simply flip over and add a pizza stone (not included).   Fits: Large   Benefits & Advantages: Allows for slower cooking Doubles as a pizza stone holder

Smokeware Great Scrape

$ 34.95

The Great Scrape®is an all natural BBQ cleaning tool.  It is an alternative to the old metal wire brush. It custom grooves to uniquely fit your grill without having to worry about metal bristles or harming your grill grates. It is made of solid hardwood and is designed for years of grilling pleasure. Fits: Any grill   Benefits & Advantages:...

Smokeware Grate Stacker - Large Egg

$ 72.95

Includes the Stacker and a 16" Grill Grate. Heavy Duty Stainless Steel construction. Features a swivel to easily access bottom grill grate. Stacker comes with cap screws and hex key for easy assembly.   NOTE: Does not include bottom grill grate, only 16" TOP grill grate.   Benefits & Advantages: Combination Purchase Includes 16" Stainless Cooking Grate Spacing: 5" Unique...

Smokeware Grate Rack for BGE

$ 19.99

The #1 solution for storing a grill grate or plate setter. Store items while lighting the grill or when you're not using them. It’s made from heavy gauge steel with a durable and long lasting black powder coating. Easily mounts into existing holes in the grill nest.   Benefits & Advantages: Perfect storage solution for your grate or plate setter...

Smokeware Gasket Scraper

$ 17.95

Easily remove old gasket material using this scraper. Hardened and tempered chromoly alloy steel. Use this tool for removing old gaskets and adhesives before installing new gaskets.   Benefits & Advantages: Hardened & Tempered Chromoly Alloy Steel Easily remove old gasket material Handle with ease Multiple uses

Smokeware Fishbones Charcoal Grate

$ 28.95

This fire grate gets the fire going faster & burns hotter. Upgrade your OEM fire grate. Made of heavy duty stainless steel (304 grade). Mounts at the bottom of fire box to replace cast-iron OEM. Fits a BGE Large & MiniMax   Benefits & Advantages: Starts grill faster with increased air flow Burns hotter Uses less charcoal Better temperature control...

Smokeware Cast Iron Setter for Large Egg

$ 129.95

Great for indirect and direct cooking. The Cast Iron Plate Setter is virtually indestructible and the perfect solution for searing, ideal for blackened fish or Pittsburgh Style Steaks. Heats up fast and is the best setter for direct cooking.   Benefits & Advantages: Best Plate Setter for direct cooking Virtually indestructible

Looftlighter Charcoal Electric Lighter

$ 84.95

The Looftlighter is the perfect replacement for lighter fluid. The Looftlighter will ignite fires in a matter of seconds. When barbecuing, you can even use the Looftlighter to speed up the heating process of your coals so that your BBQ is ready for cooking in just a few minutes. The patented hot airstream process eliminates the chemical taste that infuses...