Most people these days prefer to have more than one fireplace. The traditional one is indoors while many prefer to have others in the open, either in the garden or on the patio or by the poolside. Some carry the fireplace on picnics too.

They generally burn wood and logs to generate the necessary heat to warm the surroundings. However in the case of outdoor fireplaces, wood burning may produce smoke and soot and ash which will spread over the whole place if there is wind or the evening is very breezy. This may be against the rules of the state or it may spoil the surroundings or be a discomfort to the neighbors. Also rain or snow may put out the fire. Outdoor gas fireplaces eliminate most of the problems associated with wood fireplaces. You do not need to clear the debris after using it. Hence, an outdoor gas fireplace is preferred as this does not produce smoke, ash or soot.

It has to be built in such a way that it gives the appearance of a traditional fireplace, generates the necessary heat and does not produce side effects like smoke. So these outdoor gas fireplaces are specially built ones. One of the most common gases to be used is propane which is colorless and ignites quickly. It does not produce smoke or ash or soot. But one has to be very careful while using propane. It can easily explode, so it has to be kept in a container or a cylinder or brought through a secured pipeline.

The gas ones need to have a suitable place to keep the containers and has to be designed keeping this in mind. In short, an outdoor gas fireplace has to have the benefits of an indoor fireplace like heat and warmth and aesthetic appeal, while not producing ash, soot or smoke.

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  • March 28, 2016
  • Clay Gudgell